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tell your friends! tell your enemies! don’t tell anyone! I’m not the boss of you geez

Here’s an album by SOMEONE who played a lot of trumpet on Nervous Young Man. I don’t think there’s any trumpet on here though, because she’s too busy singing and whatnot. I like ‘A Little Bit of Ugly’ the most.

wanted to make a long chain of reblogs but for real, this SOMEONE is SOMEONE that does a lot of cool collab stuff with me and the rest of us. let’s check it out!

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My Back Is Killing Me Baby, by Car Seat Headrest


Speaking of cassettes, Giraffe Boy Records has been kind enough to add to the CSH physical collection with a 100-tape run of My Back Is Killing Me Baby. I got mine last week, it sounds GREAT, totally new experience of the album. And they come individually handwrapped! And they’re only $2??? (OR MORE, if you want to tip these guys for being so awesome and generous.) Better get one fast, because they’ve only got half of the tapes; I’ve got the other 50, and who knows what I’ll do with them!

where can the slowpokes buy the Twin Fantasy cassette release? ALSO: new band name: CAS SETTE RELEASE (get it?)


we found the ocean, and there was a kayaker

we found the ocean, and there was a kayaker

just kinda shimmy and shake


at doing the social thing but it’s gonna happen a lot more now.

like two months ago I was chillin’ with Naked Days and Car Seat Headrest and we made a bunch of pics and vids. gonna start putting those up.

also there’s a long, depressing story about how stuff happened and delayed musical production, but that don’t matter. stuff isn’t happening now so hopefully new music will be on the way. I have big plans.

literally don’t know why everything is underlined.

EDIT: oh it was only underlined in the text editor my bad.

studio door (jim morrison joke)

studio door (jim morrison joke)

one night only!!!!
(this was on the ground)

one night only!!!!

(this was on the ground)

Still doing this thing! Daily songs until the release of East Lansing Nightsinging!

"Later On"

"The Midlands"

I will take you back home again

Each day for the next several days, a song will be posted from the upcoming album, East Lansing Nightsinging (or just ELN if you’re in a hurry). This song is called “Baby, You Aren’t Even Real”

Also, at some point, the bandcamp page for the album will be launched, so you can download the songs or albums and keep them forever.

Have fun, everybody,